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Video Booth Systems
Video Booth Systems
Designers and manufacturers of Video Booth and Video Kiosk technology. Our video kiosks are used worldwide. Working in partnership with our network of operators we are able to find you the best video kiosks at the best prices. Our video kiosks are the most advanced available, combining superb DVD quality video, ease of use and no limit to the number of video messages your guests can record. Video booths for events, marketing campaigns , promotions, consultations and leisure attractions.
Video Booth Systems wedding video kiosk and video booth
Wedding Video Kiosks from Video Booth Systems
Video kiosks are the latest 'must have' for your wedding. Allow your guests to record their personal video messages for the bride and groom throughout the evening. Our video kiosks are completely automated and require no staffing - your guests simply touch the screen to record their message! There is no limit on the number of messages your guests can record and you will then own an exclusive DVD containing personal greetings from your wedding day.
Video booths and video kiosks
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